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Yes, I know I've been remiss about updating this weblog of late. But, well, here's an entry!

As I'm writing this, I've just gotten back from the local write-in. I've been really pleased this year about the steady number of people that have been coming to the write-ins. In previous years, there were maybe two or three other people who came to some write-ins. Other times, none at all. I'm not quite sure what the change was--more participants in general? Less apathy? Write-ins now actually working with other people's schedules? Maybe Jupiter and Venus finally aligned--but how am I supposed to know these things? I'm no astronomer.

One thing that I've done differently compared to last year is that now, I'm on Twitter. If this was the tipping point, maybe more MLs should be on it. Anyways, the reason why I'm mentioning Twitter is because Chris Baty is on it and tonight, he coordinated a word sprint between 8 and 10:30 PM. It helped that I'm on the same time zone as Chris Baty (although this was not always true in previous years) and this coincided with the local write-in.

I'd have to say, those word sprints really helped. I generally average one thousand words per hour. This time, I averaged almost two thousand.

Which brings me back to word count progress. How does this year on November 18 compare to the previous years? Very favorably, actually.

2009: 36535
2008: 32957
2007: 34551
2006: 31202
2005: 35956
2004: 27410
2003: 37724
2002: 30402
2001: 34582

Note that the only year in which I wrote more on this date was on 2003.

I don't really feel like I'm even halfway through the story yet, but who knows what may happen. And, if I beat the word count of 74725 from 2005, I would be very pleased.

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