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Last night, I was pretty tired and only managed a little over a hundred words. Soon, I'll be taking off to the airport and I'm not sure if I'll be able to access the internet at all while I'm gone, so don't expect any updates for the next couple of days.

I am aiming to introduce some real historical figures in the next chapter. Beethoven and his long suffering nephew, Karl. I'm going to take a few artistic liberties with them--so just consider them living in an alternate universe. I am also thinking of using Beethoven as a mouthpiece for me, when I'm feeling a bit ranty and cranky. Unfortunately, there were no yuppies in 1815, so I will have to figure out a 19th century equivalent.

Due to a twist in the conversation in chapter three and deleting spam about certain enhancement drugs this morning, I am considering adding a novel length gag. Since the main character is an apothecary/pharmacist, I might have her continually trying to semi-seriously pitch her medicines for certain gentlemanly afflictions to male characters who are obviously not in need of it.

I need a different name for my mad count. He can't be Ludwig because Beethoven is.

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