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Is it really proper to advertise your own writing group at another writing group?

For those of you who are in the Moscow area and have been attending the write-ins or looking at the Moscow forums with any sort of scrutiny, you probably know what I'm talking about. I will give another example of something similar happening--I once attended a dinner for people who wanted to discuss women in science and engineering, particularly at the University of Idaho. A couple of people showed up from the university next door and briefly talked up their program on women in science and engineering and proceeded to pass around business cards. I had blogged about this and the consensus seemed to be that this was a rude thing to do.

I understand that writers are often a zealous lot--talking up their stories to anyone within hearing range. This isn't an inherently bad thing although it can get annoying. Heck, I get annoyed when I realize I've been rambling a little too long about my plot. Of course, I think I have a lot more tolerance than other people. There are some municipal liaisons (well, from the complaining I've read on the forums, anyway) who probably wouldn't hesitate to put down edicts about no advertising at write-ins.

My first instinct, which I have followed, is to not do anything about it. Some might argue that I'm setting a dangerous precedent in the region for other people to hijack the Nanowrimo write-ins. I would disagree with that. Although I've been mulling about this the entire month--it is mostly just an etiquette problem in my head. This is a college town with a transient population. All will be forgotten next year.

Besides, I'm someone who picks her battles very carefully. An overzealous writer? That barely rates a blip on the screen compared some other personalities I've had to deal with.

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I'd be a little annoyed if the advertising were persistent, but not annoyed if there were just a casual mention toward the end of the month. A lot of people don't hang out at the NaNo site after November, which is a shame because so many writing resources are available there. I don't know about your region of Wrimos, but in my region we tend to go about our own lives often with only occasional get-togethers after NaNo is over, so even knowing about some of these groups is a great thing.
Well yeah, I wouldn't mind it if it was at the end of the month. But this has been happening at almost all the write-ins for a group that is also meeting during November with meetings sometimes overlapping with write-ins.

But I mostly shrug it off. I'm not going to make decisions for other people. If people want to go to the other group instead of Nano, that's fine.
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